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Monday, December 5, 2011

camp reflective learning post

Week 5 Term 5 tuesday first day of activities was tuesday my first day of activities was rafting it was awesome we all got chucked out of the raft.Next activitie was absailing it was scary at the start but at the end it wasn't scary.Next was rock climbing it wasn't that high it was great fun and they taught us how to rock climb.after that we had to go around the bush with a rope getting all the ingredients it all added up to a damper

My Time At M.B

My first day at Myross Bush was when my teacher was Mrs Polashik but her old name was Miss Morton.My first friend was Travis Mckenzie, when i came to this school i was very shy but then i meet Travis it was very fun because we were the same at everything and we were very fast but he was one year older then me.

My second friend was Kees Herrick because i thought his name was pencil case.I have been in room 2 where my teacher was Mrs Polashik, room 3 where Miss Macdonald, room 4 where i had Mrs Polashik for a term then Mrs Kahukura, room 6 where i had Whae della, room 7 where had Miss Stewart and now in room 8 where i had mrs Hughes for a term and Mr Herring for the rest.I have played alot of sports which are Tackle Rugby, Touch, Cricket, Basket Ball, Soccer and Athletics.

One of my favourite games to play is Fijian Touch at school because it is great fun it teaches you how to kick, pass and skill.My favourite teachers are probably Whae Della, Miss Stewart, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Kahukura because they are really great teachers,fantasticand great at showing you what to do.My favourite class was room 7 or room 8.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

reflective learning

Today i learnt how to play fijian touch.I learnt is really good at it and he was the one that tought me, and next time i am going to teach other people how to play it.The meaning of it was that it helps you get better at touch and it is a great sport.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Classic Colourful Classrooms

This year, in the middle of term three our classrooms (Myross Bush)  got renevated except room 8, room 8 only got a heatpump bcause it was pretty close to new.The classrooms renevated from builders, Travis said they are classic colourful and bright class rooms.

Mr Lovelock and all the teachers and staff said they needed a new
groove, two class rooms got done at a time, when the classrooms were getting done the kids from those classrooms got teached in the hall.Now all the rooms look bright and awesome

Friday, October 28, 2011

3d shapes

this pyramid 
5 faces
5 vertices
8 edges

this is a cube
it has 
6 faces
8 vertices
12 edges 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saucy Balls

Hi i'm Saucy Balls, i have made a Restaurant called Saucy Balls too.  Just to mention i'm a chef

I thought it would be a great Restaurant it is too.  Heaps of people come here even the President Of the United States came here to have a date with his Wife.

Every sunday i make Saucy Meat Balls.  Because my Grandma did it too, but she past away a couple of weeks ago so i took over the tradition My grand dad thanked me.

By Liam

Friday, August 26, 2011

how a candle works

You start off with a candle and you have solid wax, oxygen matches and a wick.  You light the candle and wait for a minute or something like that, you start seeing liquid wax then a wee bit of smoke you could put your hands over top over it and you could feel heat smoke and heat will burn the oxygen.